n. study of bones; bony structure.
   ♦ osteoarthritis, n. degenerative arthritis.
   ♦ osteoblastic, a. pertaining to formation of bone.
   ♦ osteochondrous, a. pertaining to bone and cartilage.
   ♦ osteoclasis, n. surgical breaking of bone.
   ♦ osteodermatous, a. having bone-like skin.
   ♦ osteogenesis n. bone formation.
   ♦ osteography, n. descriptive osteology.
   ♦ osteoid, a. bone-like.
   ♦ osteoma, bone tumour.
   ♦ osteometry, n. measurement of bones or skeleton.
   ♦ osteopath, n. one who treats disease by osteopathy.
   ♦ osteopathy, n. medical treatment by manipulation of bones.
   ♦ osteophyte, n. bony outgrowth.
   ♦ osteosclerosis, n. hardening of bone.
   ♦ osteotomy, n. surgical cutting into, or removal of a piece of, bone.

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